• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 12
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Somewhere There Is Hope

Yesterday the sun burnt bright and sickness went
just like that,
An age of torture gone without a word.
My vessel fit to sail.
I ate my breakfast as if still dreaming,
life as clear as woodcuts.
I wondered where it came from,
why now, why suddenly.
And on it went as if the gods were happy,
as if time's favours were on my side.
I thought "do as much
as you can,
while it lasts"
"because tomorrow it might go"
and down between the floorboards,
a single key to wind the music box.
I was not drowsy like in sleep.
I did the chores of life
in minutes
with time to spare,
for things I did not know.
For things that were not
but full of strange joy.


Somewhere There Is Hope

The night crept,
still warm for hours,
a ginger beer to mark the day.
If I could pick today
and make it then,
I would.
But seasons change,
people change
and what worked yesterday,
may not fit today.
Where I asked why,
I sit and contemplate
the bills and deadlines,
the journey without end
until end is,
maybe not for me,
not yet.