• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 05
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Sometimes homecoming isn’t easy

Sometimes homecoming isn't easy
it needs a companion
a consort of the sorts:
something home is not a metaphor
for safe haven but a reminder of
those brackish memories

I neatly store under these warm layers
wind ruffling these down feathers
A yellow-tinged encapsulation
as you carry me home
in your warm embrace tucked by your side

Your fingers gently holding me
an embracing touch of acceptance;
I enjoy the ride back home
this alluring journey
an emotional peregrination:
is where my heart belongs

the ripples in the river
breaking the skin of it
eases my anxiety
the warm sun on the back of my neck
reminds me of the generosity
you showered on me for years


Sometimes homecoming isn’t easy

the viridity of the grass neatly
carries the pain being trampled
teaching even scorched earth goes green
river reflecting the brightness of the hope
I’m carrying within

Sometimes there are shades of grief
And yours is one of many
Sometimes leaving a home
is less painful than homecoming.