• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 12

Some plastic headed aliens

Some plastic headed aliens keep visiting my dreams
flying in their space ships, blinding me with their beams;
whistling noisy signals, like insects in the dark
sliming down the gangways as they rush to disembark –

and they grunt and call, they screech, they keen;
red and brown and purple…but mostly they are green;
their scaly, furry, slimy, pelts brush against my skin
and when I try to shush them, they look at me and grin.

They start to eat the Lego, the carpet and the bed
I don’t think I can stop them - I’d probably wind up dead.
Then they sit among the debris they’ve created in my room,
I hide under the duvet waiting for silence to resume.

By morning things are normal, everything is in its place
and I’m glad they all decided to return to outer space.