• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 02
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Some Kind of Practical Joke

Before I was born, sis got quite
the scare —

My sisters snuck out of bed one night,
when Chucky was on, watched from behind the couch

(sis always did get worked up after scary movies)

I saw this doll, years later.
Blonde hair — blue eyes — perhaps once beautiful, but one eye
hangs closed at the tilt, most of her
hair chopped off to reveal
ghastly — black holes — in her head,
laughing mouth turned
sinister when covered with dirt.

(who used to love this doll?)

Mom and our other sis
stuck the doll at the top of the
stairs, and when sis came —
walking —they screamed — sis screamed
— in terror — as they laughed — sis ran

(we like jokes in our family)

Sis laughs now, when they tell the story,
but I wonder — what must have gone —
through her head — in the
moment — before — she knew —
when she looked — that doll —
in the eyes —

(what did she see?)