• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 08
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Some Kind of Camouflage

She put on the suit,
and a tie tight around
the lump on her throat.

She sought solace in
some kind of camouflage.

She stepped into his shoes,
worn. 'Our soles don't match',
she thought.

And a hat to keep the Sun
from illuminating her thoughts.

She looked for his shades
but chose to close her eyes instead
— a waterfall in disguise.

She rubbed her forehead, her
unwanted heirloom — his frown,
like a cloud on a bright, blue sky.

No one's here to stay
and she never solved his riddle:

in a dimly lit room
a man talks to himself, his voice
mingles with the ones from the radio.

Nobody heard him
and she couldn't stay.
She chose away


Some Kind of Camouflage

because she saw him tied
to that familiar fence.

The gate was open dad.
The gate was always open.
Sorry you couldn't escape.