• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 01

Soldiers of Fire

Your hatred is a solar surge
of ruby redhot
venomous verse
your riotous rhetoric burns
violently churns a
galactic interstellar soup
of heightened emotions
revolutionary contortions
masking your true intentions
destruction for hire
the soldiers of fire

Your ruby rage simmer
lava lashes searing glimmer
your volcanic voices
echo to influence and collect
a willing following
a brainwashed lost sect
ready for earthly cosmic
clashing causing
humanitarian knashing
foolishly yearning to inspire
the soldiers of fire

Your crushed humanity
no excuse for
senseless insanity
aiming to please a
false godly entity
wake from your


Soldiers of Fire

hypnotic madness
causing everlasting
eternal sadness
break the mad mould
release yourself from
the religious hold
over your senses
the cultural cold
your neverending nemesis
turn your blurry gaze
and soar higher
than the soldiers of fire

Your mass hysteria causes
political psychological diarrhea
citizens' neglect
societal defect
seek a way out
leave the cursing crowd
unplug yourselves from
this mesmerising matrix
pierce through the
blinding blazing arc light
release yourselves and ignite
the dawn of a
rising new
liberating revolution
gather imminently
and conspire
to rid us from the
soldiers of fire