• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 12
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The walls can close in no longer, there is nothing to lose.
Light ricochets through pine blinds, it is time to turn off the news.

All the mirrors are broken, but reflections are needed now more than ever.
We are fortunate to catch a glimpse of ourselves in a dusty windowpane, following the trail of a falling feather.

It may not be what you use to see, but nothing can change the past.
Looking inwards and onwards is the only way to make our bodies last.

Time has moved on, the world has changed.
So now we must lift the blinds, and begin to rearrange.

Others will be here soon, and they will see inside as clearly as we do.
No place to hide, and after so long - no want or reason to.

Soon enough the heavens will open, and the water in the lightwell will flow.
That is where we shall stand, under beaming rays, in a hope that we can grow.