• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 09


“It’s the truth, I saw it with my own two eyes.”
“You’re blind in one, Ma.”
“Don’t be churlish. You know what I mean. They landed just over there. Behind the blockade.”
I swallow a sigh. After all, I’ve been here before. “It’s a gas leak, Ma. It’s all over the morning news.”
“Cover up,” she says. Her jaw clenches and her nostrils flare. “I know what I saw.”
I bite back a retort. It sticks in my throat, and my grip tightens on the steering wheel.
“Well Suzi.” Her enthusiastic rant continues. “If you’re so smart, how do you explain the rainbow on the ground?”
“It’s the combination of oil and water that makes up gas, Ma. It separates them into layers and the oil layer reflects the light.”
 She shakes her head. “That’s what Google told you.”
She’s not wrong. “But that doesn’t mean it’s not true,” I tell her.
My mother leans in and opens her umbrella to ward off listeners.
“It’s lights from their spaceship.”
Her loud whisper is barely audible over the din. But I know what she said.
I can’t help it. The words slip out before I can stop them.
“Did they probe you again, Ma?”
“You watch your tone, Suzi.”
“Sorry.” And I am. I worry about her. “The home rang. They said you left after breakfast. Nobody knew where you were.”
She ignores me and her glance darts about.
“Why don’t you get into the car, Ma?”
“Will you bring me to report it?”
My shoulders slouch, but I agree, “Yes, Ma.”
By now, the police are used to her and will treat her kindly.



Reluctantly, she lowers her umbrella and slides into the passenger seat.
The lights change and I put the car into gear.
It’s only as I drive away that I hear the screams.