• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 06
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soaked almonds

overnight, like imbibing particles
from the omniscient air,

semi-white amygdaloid bodies sleep
in a cup of water;

they carry the art of memory
retention, like in a womb sack

resting at the pit, bloating and swelling —

for minds they will service
without discrimination,

left or right, both sides will receive
infusion of nutrients —

and when the size of the brain expands,
your memory

will explode from one
like a butterfly exiting
its cocoon,

I will wear my orange summer
dress – skirt like organza;

my legs lean and strong
flirting with the beach sand
while you think about differences,


soaked almonds

and I of the almonds
my mother fed me for cure

as a child of a never ever
forgetfulness, in my now age

like a painting of Moneta
hanging on the walls
of indelible calligraphy,

your stained glass ideals,
but all I see in my palm

is the water from split almonds
soaking in a bath of immortality:

my mnemonic past in amnesia’s hold.