• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 06


We're like a pendulum, we're here and then we're there, then back here, we oscillate, we're happy and we're sad, the happy in the sad and the sad in happy, and we're neither here nor there, we're everywhere, we revolt, then retreat, we're defeated, then we win, we're shallow but then deep, we're the clouds, we fall like rain, you think we vanished, but we go back up, evaporate, form a new cloud, only to fall again, we're on our cloud, back on the ground, we oscillate, we're like waves, up and down, back and forth, we're high and we're low, and we hunt high and low and everywhere and in that sense we're chaotic, we venture, then curl back inside, we don't move much, but we go far, we don't evolve, we oscillate and in that sense we're static, we think liminal, we live minimal, we're ethereal but not in a fragile way, we're grounded but not in a practical way, we have taught ourselves to turn a blind eye, but then we see, eyes wide open, we may not be present, but we're not absent either, we hit snooze and we lie there, oscillate between dream and awake, and we're strange characters in an existential joke, and we keep pushing up the rock that keeps rolling back down, we know, we know, but we choose to forget sometimes, and we claim snooze is self care and getting up is solidarity, we oscillate, between hope and nothing, half awake, half asleep, and in that sense we're like dolphins, and like a pendulum, we oscillate, we oscillate.