• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 05
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I’m so tired today. The sun is really bright and it’s burning into my fur. I can’t stand living the savannah anymore. Maybe I should get captured and caged. At least I’ll get to travel the world and those other animals will watch me in amazement. Ugh, Mom’s going to be here soon to wake me up. Here she comes.
        “Mom, it’s so hot today! I don’t want to get up.”
        “Look, sweetie. If you want to eat you’ll have to get up.”
        “Ugh, I’ll go look for some food later.”
        “All right. Just be careful and let me know when you do.”
        “Mom, stop nudging me! I’ll get up later…Mom?”
        “Bruh, it’s me Travis. Come with me.”
        “Fine. Where are we headed?”
        “Just follow your nose. Don’t you smell that?”
        “Yes, I do. Smells like caramel, dark chocolate, and fresh. Sounds like         it’s walking alone.”
        “I know. It’s fresh meat. Let’s get it while it’s alone. It won’t even see         us coming. I can’t wait to crunch on it.”
        “It must be lost. I can hear it crying. Let’s hurry before its family         comes.”