• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 04


So you dreamed of a pig last night,
the dark-haired lady said. She sighed,
and added, love will bring trouble
if you lose control: play a 4.

You were brushing the pig, you say?
More trouble ahead and you know:
you seem aware of it, you want
to chase it away: play 50.

The pig’s mysterious utterance
implies that you are suffering
for nothing: just let yourself go,
stop worrying, and play 90.

A mobile phone? More of the same:
stop fretting over your future,
you are far too anxious, my friend!
Stay calm, relax, play 44.

And I will offer you a 3
as an extra number to play:
it’s your wish to be free, but first
you must give yourself a true chance.

And if you win, remember me,
she said at last, raising her hand,
palm up, waiting for him to pay.
He went, she let a new one in.