• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 05

Smoke and mirrors

You are addicted to this drug
You have never dared to name
Before stuffing your mouth with its primal joy;
It could burn your trachea
Without a single berating word, a warning,
A helpful tip on the tip of my tongue

The bridge between who we are
And who we could be
Collapsed in a glory of ailing lungs
Taking in their last breaths full of smoke

We are in love with this love we have never felt,
Spreading into our tissues in the name of life
Your lips are desperate, bathing alone
In the taste of our reheated past;
You are addicted to this life, you need it,
You play the odds, you forgive yourself, you fall behind

Fresh tablecloth, a plethora of hues
Half-rotten fruit abandoned on the floor
There is no end to your cravings
And no space for my love