• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 06

Sky Peach

It was unfair to call this an obtrusion, as it wasn’t really bothering anyone. To be frank, it was hard to tell if it was there at all. It fazed in and out, dodging in between the clouds like a fancy man’s lawn dart. The main difference was just how rounded this object was. This sky-faring blob of pinkish sunset translucent material seemed quite content to just bob along. Bob along like the big blob it was. Blobbiling? Or perhaps bobbling instead?

Of course, it attracted attention from the other sky folk. Peering through their bifocals, their monocles and fancy telescopes alike. The great balloons they rode stirred by flame and gas to leave the Earth and join the birds and the bumblebees as well.

Some narrowed brows furiously at this strange hunk. Was it organic? Was it some sort of mad flying contraption stoked up in a laboratory somewhere deep underground by some brilliant boffins? And, above all else, just why could they clearly make out the puzzled expression of the hovering fellow directly opposite them through this thing’s…body? When, quite clearly, there was a silvery, glimmering outline that, by the natural order of things, should have been enough to dictate something should be directly in their way!

A lady in a flowing daisy dress reached over, her left hand clasping the controls of her magnificent golden creation, built from lollipop sticks and bottlecaps, poking at the shimmering aerial lump with her right hand. She was no fool, she utilised an old, rusted poker at her feet. Where was the practicality of just jamming her hand into it and hoping for the best possible result?

All she was met with? A gurgle from the very atmosphere itself! Quite something indeed!