• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 07

sit down


Blurry views this community brings
The bright dream these people want you to think
Fake lights they shine dem burning up my eyes
Lord give me one day to really feel alive

Brutality in this world and nobody likes it
But they hide behind their doors not out tryna fight it
I'm going crazy can't walk in their light cah i'm afraid of my shadow
Looking left and right the industry's making people so hollow

Souls caught and dragged in the fire and camouflaged with the bright light
Come on put up a fight
Look at our sisters and daughters discriminated by the light
Tight clothes and skinny thighs is what the light likes

Will you love me tomorrow when my love might be colder
My bloodstream is growing older and my beauty might be tender
But baby all i’m saying is don’t let me go we all need a lil dark to get us even