• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 07

Sister of Secrets (SOS)

I have got my heart in a veil
where lovers won’t congregate;

I will buy a love spell from a gypsy
with the greenest veins raised on
freckled hands;

she will teach me the art of
enticements, when moons
undress fearlessly

for shadows, watch their light
cast lamps into their own fires;

I will practice my sway by a mirror,
encase my eyes in thicker strokes
of kohl, dress them in jewels

of firoza hues, across my forehead
like a queen’s airs shall rest a string
of pearls from a deeply loved heart’s

and I shall wear white silk
from the bazaars
of a promiscuous merchant;

the night will be lured to commit
the deed; there will be a woman
that shall lose her womb tonight,

there will be a miracle
passed onto me tonight –