• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 01
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Simplest Life

Life was simple before I met you,
The walls of my home were dark and blue.
You opened up my door to light and freedom.
With the colours of your breath,
To the movements of your feet
You pushed the rainbow you held upon me.

Each day became more colourful, more simple and free
The light upon my heart almost set me free.
From me to you I give you this thanks,
For opening me up and letting me free.
Although this is a gift it is also a curse,
The colours of freedom bounded me to the earth

Your blues, oranges, pinks and greens
Crowded my walls and never let me flee
As your colours comfort you as you peacefully sleep,
They awaken me as I plead for sleep.
My walls are now far too colourful for me to look upon,
All I see is your hands touching upon

So Darcy as I give you this blessing of freedom,
I wish for you to know the drowning of mine,
As you walk upon your beauty of sea
I walk upon the cobbling stones you have left me.

To the cobwebs finally appearing on my colourful walls,
I thank the lord for the way they form,
For years I’ve dreamt of this
For years.