• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 05


there was one last feast, there was music and dancing, there was entertainment, laughing. hysteria. monkeys juggling golden apples, dogs devouring medium rare meat, honey dripping, jugs of wine. sugar crystals on my tongue, pearls of berries and silken peaches.
an announced big bang in reverse. a comet, a fireball, a great flood. and then, quieter and quieter, shushing the world. cold.

touch and trash with blood stained fruit soaked fingers, sweetly
paint my pain
       the world’s pain
                     how wouldn’t it be mine
                            or yours
       a wound inflicted
onto the empty walls;
let mushrooms sprout, mould
it all into a new world
a soft blanket, still carpet. it is a Life,
and nature prevails, devoid of us.

in an after. quiet getting louder again. a different song sung, a different tune. wildly innocent. islands of abandonment reworlding. the original artwork spreading, flourishing colour.