• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 04
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Show of strength

Much older, you look older. Of course you do.

I remember that skin. No scars on your face though. Perhaps I am confused. Were you the one with the sharpened teeth? Maybe. Doesn’t matter.

You won’t remember me. Surely you won’t. And if you do...it was just work. Boring work and dirty—no respect, no progression, no peace.

You were just another one. User of facilities. Hoarder of food. The men in the cars never asked for you. Or maybe they did. I forget.

A woman now, sort of. What are you for? My daughter is not like you. You are not like her. She has been loved since the first moment. It is all different.

I suppose you should be thanked for your service. The people here, the people you are facing think you are strong. But you are as weak as ever. You still take, take, take. You know nothing else. Why should you be fed? Who for? What for?

I’m not regretful. It is what it is. Not my fault. You were just another one.

You won’t remember me. I don’t remember you, not really.