• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 01


The white star marks the spot
where the shiv enters the eye
that's if you happen to die that way
but what if the chard is commingled
like a frosting of nano aluminum particles,
all the better to divert a nuke
stuck on the end of a fork
that enters the brain like a shooting star
blink and you miss it homing in

but do we have to depart like that
like the people of Nagasaki
praying to their Roman deity
in the old cathedral under the bomb,
knowing nothing about Einstein
and his unwitting entry
into their holy of holies
the fate he didn't wish on them
as he played the weeping violin

and the Fat Man says hello
his plutonium treat's just so
we won't forget the why it is
and how it must be after
the darkest event of that war
but the dead learned nothing
and the living forgot
sayonara for the moment
and call it all remembrance.