• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 07


On the coast near where the ancient city of Ugarit once stood they use murex shells to make purple dyes. The violet cloths they colour are expensive and so I am wrapped in them from head to foot so others will know how much my husband is worth. Such a vivid colour. Yet, I am not complaining, I like being swathed in vibrancy. Some call this colour Royal Purple and I can understand why Sultans would choose it, as it is indeed rich. It seems strange that it should be made from the homes of Sea Snails, as they are so inconsequential a creature.

My husband smiles when he looks upon me. I reflect back on him well. His pride pleases me, even if sometimes the darkness of the hue draws the heat to it and leaves me perspiring underneath. It is a consequence of which he must be aware as he often wears the same coloured cloth himself. Yet it is important to him that I look the part, so that if ever I am seen those watching will know I am the wife of a man of relative power and wealth.

When I am alone I sometimes hold the silk up to the light and let the amethyst glow fall upon my face. It is as though I have drawn a veil over the world and everything is now only shades of purple. Such whimsy will soon have to be put aside as I am expecting my first child. I pray every day for a boy so I can honour my husband with a gift as valuable as those he presents to me.