• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 03

She told me…

she told me I’d never come to any good
my brother always the favourite
and as for cousin “kingmaker”
the sun shone out of his…
Stand up straight Richard,
you’ll get a hump on your back
I never did, they made it up.
Be nice to your cousins, don’t
be scaring them in the dark!
I had to scare them, up there
in the tower, little princes,
little scaredy-cats, more like.
I saw the fortune teller,
she gave me good advice,
how to keep my head down
while the Battle of the Roses is fought,
I’ll live to see a major monarch,
not like you holding your crown
like a trophy till it’s snatched.
She told me I’d never come to any good,
and the playwrights will
send me up, lampoon me as a monster.
What do I care for their skits, their plays?
I’ll play mine out in blood,
with lance in hand and trusty horse.
I’ll spread my enemies’ blood on
the battle field, not the stage.
Who’ll remember your name:
Cecily Neville, Duchess of York,


She told me…

Mother to the Yorkist king?
Oh yes, and one more thing…
What’s that? It’s something about
quizzing and riddling.
I haven’t time for that.
It seems they’ll all remember you.
I told you so! Yes, the fortune teller
said they’ll know your name,
as the last king to die in battle.
No time for this, no time,
bring on the lance, the armour and…
the horse, the trusty horse.