• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 08
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She knew

She knew. Oh boy she knew. It was there, in the eyes. They looked as if they saw all over me one hundred different sins and faults that deserved judgement and opinion, dripping off me like wet paint. The room reeked with her hatred and lust for making me know it. But I wasn’t at complete fault. There’s more than one accomplice in any fault or bad act and it was true in the act that I had done or ‘co-done’, if you will.

It was a Sunday afternoon, a warm and pleasant one. You know, the type that’s followed by a moderately active Saturday and required so you can do very little before the following week commenced. There was a slight breeze outside and the leaves were just beginning to fall now their display of orange and yellow had come to an end and the formidable bareness awaited to display a different emotion. There was a text from a friend to come and meet for a coffee. I ordered my espresso and sat down, placing the miniature mug on a quirky coffee mat that had some sort of uplifting message on it in old looking font. It wasn’t until I took my first sip that I noticed her gaze and without speaking a word, a novel passed our gaze as if it had been written in eternity. I looked back with no expression and winked before returning to my coffee. She didn’t stop looking, however and the coffee ran out. So, instead of burning I left, feeling her sticky look on my shoulders as I left the door, never to see her again.

Just look at those eyes. Tell me what you think. Do you reckon my action was so awful or simply a misinterpretation of what’s not quite socially acceptable. Either way, she kept her mouth shut and spared me a torment of questions.