• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 05

The Shadows Walk Amongst Us

The shadows walk amongst us,
their memories linger
like mementos held in the hands
of loved ones living with the hope of meeting again.

A phantom thaws the sidewalk
as the bedrock of beatbox blares through memories that shine like linoleum sheets
where b-boys flared and rhymes spewed after dark,
compelling the corners to quake.

I sense your shadow,
the roads we've traveled,
the cold blunted concrete
of Eastwood begs for the warmth of brotherhood again.
The past presses the present,
hoping for another day of laughter,
of summer, of moonlight candor and conversation,
awakening a boyish joy
like skipping rocks
at the Wilson riverbank,
forgetting the war
beneath the smiles,
the turbulent universe blurred
for a moment of rocks and ripples
ripping through the river.


The Shadows Walk Amongst Us

"Kindred Spirits" are eternal,
though death might breach the journey,
memory is the hand that feeds
the hunger of a hollow heart,
reaching out like the light of morning breaking
through the