• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 04
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Shadow Lights

Sharp swift swordfish wind’s savage screeching
Rubbing the feet of frozen light on hilltops
Colourless nothingness expanding everywhere
The serene songs of strangeness sustained
Delirium’s consistent dance of insanity raging
Night sprouting from long shadows.

On slumbering drums echoing in frosty caves
Listless flames of drowsy bonfire snoring
Ashes smiling at Jupitor’s more than fifty moons
The lone wayfarer breathing warmth off a distant lantern
Fluttering at a distant cave’s wailing mouth
The water freezing furious around pilgrim’s feet
Battling against his course to mystic heights
Lying ripe inside a hollow cave’s hungry belly
Eerie whispers of hungry silence
The world waits to celebrate mysteries unfolded
or forget a climber fossilized in decaying darkness