• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 08
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Settled Ache

This could be long, this pregnant pause,
just waiting at collection point,
not worth unstrapping, letting loose,
losing back pack, load again,
so long as burdens, not laid down,
are balanced, rested,
pane transferred.

Too weary to divest, now aches
are settled, known, left undisturbed,
while ruck has found a cushion sack
for dozing, streaming, standing up,
specific, intrinsic, instinctive set,
centred gravity in lean,
with face shades grace, place bottle green,
a playback zone for tousled pair.

Will not next move be swinging gear –
so is security the fear
or is it slump in muscle wear?
But handbag grip seems out of sense –
too short a strap for round the neck –
maybe a pillow for the head,
‘and I still luv u’, Dreams too Deep,
unmoved, still ladder, bunking up,
'non Angli sed Angeli' said,
angels, angles, fair Saxon hair?