• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 07


Serpentine, I’d like to make you mine:
you shouldn’t wonder
would I pull you under?
Just take it slow
my waters flow like wine.

You picnickers and panickers
nit-picking at your children by the river:
I could make you forget all your cares –
I’m timeless, baby,
won’tcha come on over?

See the spirits sunbathing on the shore?
They swam into my swirl
like twigs a-twirling.
And see my lady with the serpent’s tail?
She’s oh-so fine, her velvet hair unfurling.

And me? I’ve been here since the dawn of time
and to the end I’ll linger;
face still like stone
statuesque, serpentine:
river spirit, life-giving dead-ringer.