• Vol. 02
  • Chapter 08
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It wasn't holding like it should of. Egor's revolving door of a wrist all swollen like a frog in a pond jelly, Alex's eyebrows hooked beneath the wattle fringed sky.

Snake. Who would of thunk it? Just around the corner from ashphalt, football matches, cooking shows and reasons to be cheerful. What would she do?

Alex tried to collect her thoughts, put them where they should of been, one foot in front of the other as she wrapped the hankerchief tighter.

'If you do this then that will happen, and then that', her father's voice talking inside her head. 'It's all about process munchkin. Things fit when you put them in the right order.' She just had to use her brain.

Egor's knees began to wobble. He knew he was going down, but when? Rotten Brown snakes. Rotten Eastern's thinking they could go any where they wanted. Alex scoured the long grass, her eyes hurting from the intensity of searching. Where was it? Had it vamoosed? Or was it still lurking?

Egor stared at the clouds in between squeezing his eyes trying to stop the dizziness that was now taking hold. Pink and orange stripes formed behind his lids as he hoped beyond hope that he wouldn't crap his pants. How much indignation could a person suffer? In front of her? Here, on the grass. Jeeeze. What was wrong with the world?



Alex tried to think clearly. She had some vague memory of being told that the Brown's first bite was usually non-fatal, just a way of letting you know you were in their way and to bug off. But how could she be sure? And would he start having convulsions? She sqeezed Egor's hand and stroked his forehead while searching his frightened face for some sign as to where the venom was going. To see how far it would go.

And still no ambulance.

It had been around five minutes since she called. She grabbed at his phone that was now lying beside him in the dirt. She flipped it over. There was a new message and she read it - c u at 5. bed's already warm:)

She responded.

might b a bit late:) and left. One foot in front of the other. Processed.