• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 11

Serape Man

There is vibrancy in the colors he wears.
rich deep red, lifeblood, energy.
Autumnal orange, passion, a glowing.
Dark earthy colors, a contrast, rootedness.

There is vibrancy in his being.
piercing eyes, alert, and wary.
a set to the jaw, face full of expression.
Body positioned to move,
legs coiled to jump.

Vibrancy in the plant life behind him
green, growing, healthy, healthful
ripened fruits ready to drop.
Endless cycle of death and rebirth.

Yet a sadness, a contradiction.
Sorrow and weariness, anger and defeat.
He has seen too much, enjoyed too little.
Life is hard, survival grim.

Can one be both vibrant and dispirited?
Have hope, and live in despair?
The Serape Man can answer your question
If you only take time to hear.