• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 09


She had said the recipe did not require writing down. It did not require ink or paper, for that would be a waste of time. And time is of the essence. Only the senses are required to be used in creating. Get the feel of the mixing, the smell, the touch, the rise and fall. She advised common sense applied most of all. Watch the chef: the flare of nostrils, the movement of the hands, the darting of the eyes... always watch the eyes. She had said, “together it is all like a dance.” The raining of the flour, the judgement, watch the control of the hands. No this does not require words. On a good day she spoke and she rarely spoke. But danced in her kitchen in a rain fall of flour. The recipes passed from her senses to ours. And she always reserved judgement, silently watching our rise and fall.