• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 03

Señorita Maltratado

Swamped by the half-fastened taffeta of her lady-like garb
Señorita Maltratado sits in her window spot
Left to right - right to left
Up the street - down the street
The hooded tiredness of her sultry gaze blandly slides

Sparing her head the tell of interest revealed by moving

She poses, arms crossed
Weighing her sullenness on the iron, half-cage of her window spot
Resolutely discontented with the world outside
She displays her contempt to the world outside
Cheroot hung lazily defiant on petulant show for the world outside

Studied confirmation of her resolve to revolt - one day

Even the slight tatter to her dark-haired splendour
Is no simple neglect or accidental oversight
Within the confines of her room
Her hard work wreaks its little havocs
And she will show it to the world outside

Passers-by, feel free to judge