• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 07

Self Reflection

I know myself but
I don't know you
We are different from one another and
I feel afraid
Because your ways are unfamiliar to me
I'm unable to draw close
We have no shared words
I fold my body in towards myself and
My arms protect and surround my frame
On my chest, my hands feel the beat of my heart that throbs fear through my body
That beat I feel is louder than the words that won't be spoken
That beat tells me I am woman
Just like you
Yes, that beat tells me you are woman too
We don't speak yet we share a common pulse
My hands reach a little as the heart ripples out
My frame opens in vulnerability
I see you now in your wholeness and
Know we share more than conversation
Our sameness draws us closer
Our differences make me curious to know you
To erode the distrust
To gently tend towards love
To know you and in doing so
Know myself