• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 06

self-actualisation; colby inspired in turquoise

an aqua winding,
weathering the doubts, the turquoise
washing over you in waves.

here find all your defenses dissolved
a sasha colby prowess
giving you light, like little sparkles streaming
across the scene
be king queen, past present future,

the transient consciousness
knows no bounds;

making out new shapes
from magnificent clouds,

breathing life to an attentive lover
giving us unconditional warmth
just as winter doubles down.

screaming don't try to run
i can keep up with you
nothing can stop me
you've got to               open your heart

weave the fairytale
onto the tapestry of your story
for the shining protagonista.
the worthy narrator.


self-actualisation; colby inspired in turquoise

be the sun,
find within you the light

cracking open dysmorphic barriers,
dysphoric vases. the other side
of this struggle remains liberating
a familiar truth

in soft ladies vinted cotton
mirrors showing a silhouette you can bear, it's nobody's business
but cosmic, no one's watching
but your eyes are enough.

your worldbuilding is enough, this authorship, you

are, and have always been,