• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 03
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Sedna’s Celebration

Our wintery reprieve followed the Aura Borealis
& festival of lights as we reminisced how progeny
birthed from Sedna’s fingers severed at the knuckle;

astounded by her perfect feet that broke arctic waters
like whale flukes flaunting scarlet painted toenails
deeply digging into the ledge of a porcelain snowbank.

I patiently treaded water, glanced at my earth mother
& benefactor surrounded by salmon, cod, & halibut
below, accompanied by otter as my sister mermaid casts
eyes of admiration, seeking approval & encouragement
lounging on Sedna’s bare right leg like a hesitant siren
reclined on pink barnacle throne jutting out of the ocean.

An inanimate rubber ducky looked at us all
like a child who never got invited to parties—
jealous it couldn’t be the center of attention,
celebrate comradery, or join our seaworthy company
framed in sacrifice, a mythic kayak & self-centered
father whose daughter’s digitless pride aided our creation.

Only a platinum blonde sea sylph appeared disinterested
warmed her lap with a seal, petted its head, sat with back
facing Sedna, knowing—not acknowledging—their bond;

distant mountain crests embraced hoary blizzards
as iceberg threats, seen and unseen, respectfully turned aside,
venerating sea goddess Sedna, her children & bathtub craft.