• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 04
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Seaweed sandwiches

I wore my mac to keep me dry
It’s waterproof you see
And a snorkel with just enough
air to get my bearings.

In this green world below the sea
technicolour fishes
dance and dart and dash in freedom
Lit by shards of sunlight

She said ‘your mum has fuzzy thoughts’
Her day is night, night day.
But throwing balls for unicorns
At midnight was such fun!

Don’t tell them our Private Secrets
Making snow sandcastles
Whirling round and round and round then
Laughing in dizzy heaps

I will float on the seven seas
Visit north and south poles
Scale the Arctic and Antarctic
Speak Octopus and Shark.

We will have seaweed sandwiches
And share our adventures.
As soon as I’m back home again.
With kit kats and cheese strings