• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 01
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Sea Space

You can’t see Seascar from space, but you can see space from Seascar.
I haven’t been to space. I’m just assuming. The other thing I haven’t done is brought Jay here with me. He's not bothered about going to things. He prefers having been to things. Ticking them off. I've bought him a stick of Seascar Rock though. He won’t eat it, he’s got a drawer for things like that. Usually Jay would have come with me, he just didn't want to go somewhere cold and stupid on a work night. Also, I lied.
I’m supposed to be here to take some photos for a thing. Which I am. As well. But first I just wanted to see.
I came because I was born in Seascar, and I don’t know why. I can’t really remember being here, just that it was cold and loveless and stuck in the past. I remember the fishing boats stinking in the shadows of the chemical plant. I remember when there were shops in the high street. But I can’t remember me. I came because I wondered if normal people could come from here.
I thought for a minute a bloke on the beach had recognised me, but I look different now. He just wanted to ask about my camera. He wanted to know how to take pictures of the clouds reflected in the sea. He wanted to show his granddaughter how it worked.
No one had ever shown me how anything worked.
But I was glad I met the man. He did show me. He showed me that I wasn’t this place.

Maybe in some black-and-white old past, but I couldn't get there any more. You can't get to Seascar in a spaceship. You can get out, though. There are loads of ways you can get out.