• Vol. 01
  • Chapter 04
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She anchored her feet as she felt the storm brewing ahead. She wasn't ready for a battle but she knew she had to sail a long distance to reach a safe harbour. She opened her mouth to scream - she couldn't find words or her voice. She had painstakingly pushed away everyone who meant anything. Inching closer to her ideal way of life. Yet as the storm began to engulf her, she stretched out her hand to hold onto something, anything. Anyone. Real or fictional. She struggled a fleeting moment more before her hand collapsed to her side. He stepped in - defying the odds and words of caution. He gave her his word and stroked her arm to comfort her. But it was too late; all consciousness had left. Her wide eyes now vacant: a demented beast emerged. Her scream pierced and frightened him. He edged away momentarily fearing for his life. She saw it sneak up behind his innocence. She held out her hand to comfort him. He was foolish enough to cave.