• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 08


it has been going on for some time
with the internalisation of an in taken breath
passed through each gift of sensation
then expelled with the same force
as ingestion - is an incomparable and pure
example of what is possible
from the impossible where we too
are freaks of natural selection
who have no hiding place in a bell jar -
each appearance in public is an exhibition
of unrevealed fears where even a smile
could be an axe head ready to fall
and smash the glass wall of our assumptions
with the playfulness of a dead fish tail
on trial for being different over a long period
with a useful lack of evidence
not worth looking at just like that place
just outside the window where the invitation
is to follow and resistance is still felt
within the depths of the continued scream
even though the glass never shatters - at least
most of the time air is breathable where
equilibrium exists inside each heartbeat
until the promised end - not usually placed on display