• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 08

Schrödinger’s Cat

"Think inside the box", Schrödinger instructed,
"Theoretically, the cat is both alive and dead."
Bored with riddles, Bohr opened the container,
letting the real and tangible problem leap out.
Where Murphy’s Law meets Quantum Physics,
the alive and kicking cat wrecked a feral fiasco,
setting radioactive beakers on fire and breaking
poisoned promises of many-worlds. She paces,
perches, then purrs, "Reality is dependent
on nothing. It is beyond observers", before
running away again to shatter more hypotheses.
Confused, Wigner’s friend questions himself:
"Should I be happy that the cat is not dead?"
The scientists take fright, A cat cannot outsmart us!
They chased the hostile beast, double-slitting it
while arriving together at the same conclusion:
If Bohr was more patient with paradoxes,
a different scenario would have emerged.
Where reality collapses to just one possibility,
the undead and rotting cat would’ve caterwauled,
her shrieking voice shaking the astral plane,
"Curses! You shouldn’t have waited that long!"
While Schrödinger divines this feline ascension,
Wigner’s friend finds peace with his existence,
realizing that he too is inside a hypothetical box.
Persisting in experiments. Kept alive by thought.