• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 01

Scene and Gone

The here and now is brightly coloured, vibrant and real. But once the moment has passed, it not only starts to fade, it takes on a hue, much like an old photograph or a painting. A sepia quality creeps in, telling you that what you are remembering is now another place, another time and strangely not at all real; it is no more than a memory, with all the fallibility that that entails. Not only do the colours fade and blend together, so do the people. They are no longer independent actors: they are a scene, a singular entity; removing one person removes the others, destroys the scene. The picture only exists because everyone is together. They constitute a time when... when mother and daughter were waiting, looking, expecting, hoping, fearing... And is that how life is? We move from scene to scene and each one evaporates behind us.