• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 04
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Saturation and Value

Believe in color. Its power to heal and to offer
escape from the recesses of grey, cold minds.

Stale, gelatinous masses gradually harden and
affix themselves along the moraines of skulls.

Colors adhere to no such substances. Artists adhere
to rules of edges, shape, line, and composition.

To limited palates, titanium white, Payne's grey, yellow
ochre, and cadmium red. But colors obey nothing.

Flooding hills, fleeing valleys at sunset. And this woman,
too, heading through encrusted ice and snow with no

boots, only a sex red cloak and a rigid summer sun
brim unbound by dull gravity. She parts without

a single glance backwards. She knows the power
of color and will not stick around to blend in.