• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 05

Saint John Hospitaller Vallettas Honourable Intention

Saint John Hospitaller Valletta aka ‘Malta’, a lion hearted lap-dog, was a loyal and courageous companion. Honourable and true.
Elmina Gold Coast, could be disarming and deceitful. Full of mischief, she was and always would by nature, be, a liar and a thief.

Modelling for an artist intent on demonstrating genius and a passion for still life. They had stood for five days, eyes locked, their static positions held firm.
Elmina grasping lightly the low hanging fruit. Malta, embodying every guard dog gazed sternly, challenging her obvious intention.
Elmina had felt her heart beating, his silent threat lifted her to new and dizzy heights of risk and danger.
Above the centrepiece, an oversized lobster, peered silently down.

The final session over, weighed heavy by their earnings secured in made to measure pouches.
They left.

Strutting though the streets Malta held his head high. His life’s purpose finally revealed. Under his watch, Elmina Gold Coast would never again veer from a straight and narrow path.
Elmina, rode him like a queen. Gripping his coat, pridefully she gazed around daring all those who mocked or glanced their way.

Behind them rose a wail, growing louder as it echoed through the winding streets.


Saint John Hospitaller Vallettas Honourable Intention

Behind them an artist cried. In disarray, his display, of glorious abundance lay.

Elmina Gold Coast, smiled.
Her belly and cheek pouches filled from her final act of mischief. Stroking her Sainted saviour she bid the scene goodbye.
Saint John Hospitaller Valletta pricked his ears at the sound of the artists anguish, focused his eye and picked up his pace.