• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 10
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Sail Me Away

Sail me away, I won't scream or shout,
smiles will wreath my face as winds fill the sails.
Let us billow on the ocean from outside my home
to all the places I have missed since I left them,
and some new locations in between!
I will know the heady scents of islands in the sun
where I basked to restore tiredness in my soul,
I will know the tastes of foods I learnt to cook
in countries flung across the globe.
Sail me away, smiling, to see friends I have missed,
their faces pictured in my mind these years.
We will eat and drink, breaking bread together once again.
Smile me away as we sail the oceans, warms seas and bracing
swells will bring me to my homes,
all etched in my mind and held in my heart,
never far from my lips.