• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 07

Safe Journey

Devi made her way down the narrow streets of the Old City, past the market with the produce enticingly displayed. She almost bought a mango for Carter, then decided to stop on the way back. Madame Govinda's was the way she remembered it, a tiny shop on a tiny street, past the shop where the saris waved bright colors in the breeze.

It was dark and cool inside. The bell tinkled like water. "Devi, is that you?" Madame Govinda came out from the back. "You forgot your notebook. I kept it for you, all these years. Ah, here it is."

"Oh, Madame Govinda, Thank you. I'm sorry I forgot."

"It's understandable. You are so busy. Let me look at you. How impressive you look in your uniform. Your parents are very proud."

"I'm so sorry it's been so long."

"Well, then, have some tea. You have time, yes? Sit with me. You didn't come for the notebook, did you?"

"No, I came to see you. I'm leaving tomorrow."

"So you want a reading? I have a card for you."

Devi studied the two women in ancient dress. Her eyes asked many questions.

"These are the Pair. They were persecuted for what they dared to see. They passed on their knowledge to others, like me. Now I give it to you."

"I remember the stories. They were Seers, it is said."

"They saw beyond the Veil. They dared to question the reality of this world. You travel those ways, now."


Safe Journey

"I use science, not magic."

"It doesn't matter. You will go where they could not. Take them with you. Safe journey. Be happy together."

Later, when she was back at the Academy, Devi looked at the card again. It was old and faded, and the edges were frayed.

"Hey where were you?" Carter came running up the path. How lovely she was in the light. Other students, talking on the grass, looked up as she passed.

"I went back to the Old City for a visit," Devi said. "I almost bought you a mango."

"How sweet. What's that?"

"It's an old fortune card. I went to see Madame Govinda."

"She's a Seer, isn't she? They make me nervous. Like they can see through you."

"Ha ha, perhaps they can."

"So, what did she say?"

"Safe journey. Be happy together. I'm not sure what that means."

"Devi, we got our assignments--we'll be on the same ship! Tomorrow we leave for Europa."