• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 07


Out from the depths of black waters
the deathly snake, rises to the sky,
dancing in the light, trying to eat the sun
trying to satiate his indomitable tastes.

The fishes swim away, the mermen make way.
The turtles sneak back inside their shells,
the lotuses wilt, their pink stain the waters,
waves lurk obsequiously around his tail.

When he who was destined to be the monster
slayer, the snake-charmer, rubbed by courage
the right way, takes his rightful
place on the slithery neck of winter.

"Hey bhagwan," cries his mother. Her red saree is
draped over her head. "What is this boy
up to, he is going to get us killed," she slaps
her forehead. Her red bangles jingle and then break.

On some nights, when you see a furtive shadow
cross the moon, listen to the rustle of purple leaves.
Know that is him again, he who lassoed the monster
with his hymns, seeking the trees’ permission to dismount.