• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 02

Sacred Geometry?

Once I lived blind to the architecture of the universe, because I failed to reach out. I was so wrapped up in myself, my Self stayed small; self-protecting, if you will; just a single point without purpose.

Now I live, stretched out and reaching; extending in all six directions; up and down, left and right, front and back. My Self emerged, out of the isolating confusion of white noise, to see the universe in glorious 4D.

From a single point I had become a tetrahedron, with all my dimensions fitting perfectly into the larger sphere. But though I could strike fire now, apparently, I was still not whole: I had no ‘other’ to complete a Merkabah.

All my corners must be touched, they say, or my potential power will be held back by lack of a perfect harmony. Yet I wonder if it’s possible to match an ‘other’ so perfectly...Their every face, every angle, every edge?

So where is my perfect intersection then? My balancing, opposite rotator, without whom my light must just bleed out? And why is one tetrahedron not powerful enough to reach those higher dimensions alone?