• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 03
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The aching pull of naughtiness:
Snapped flower heads, pierced milk bottle caps, doorbells pushed.
Pilfered sweets and cosmetics, kisses stolen while your best friend was in the ladies.
Homework ignored, acceptable translation conjured under the teacher's eyes: hard, suspicious.
So easy to get away with it.

A few spliffs, assignments piling up: all-nighters in the library, an OK pass.
Awareness of opportunities let slip.
Creative editing of the CV, new friends who can't betray your history.
The job is undemanding, but you're making contacts.
Foreign travel? Yes, please.

A different culture: wheels are greased … gifts become grander.
Back 'home', muttering about corporate accountability:
Fend off the hints – prevent that word 'corruption' being voiced.

The call in the night: a smokescreen is being arranged; leave – now!