• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 12


Through Asia, Greece and the African continent we have wandered, needing the heat for our metabolism, thriving on the waste of civilizations and eventually spawning with humans to provide them with another … hybrid … creature of myth: vampires.

They don’t bother us. They prefer the more temperate zones, and know our peril too well to encroach on our territory as we strut about in plain sight, the perception of the humans we feed on blunted by terror, religion … but mostly by the infantile rationale they call science. How could we possibly exist?

Annoying children! They defile our holy places and poison the earth we walked before they had the wit to cover themselves in their vile petty destructive ugliness.

I mated at a theme party with an Egyptian girl who reminded me of my ancient beauty, Nefertiti, and consumed her afterwards, ingesting her whole through the portal of what is known as the heart chakra.

There was a mustachioed artist and mathematician there whose name escapes me. He was smoking something which was not just tobacco, and his aura was strange. I think he saw me.

I left, expecting an outcry at any moment, but the rest of the revelers – as expected – had seen nothing of my true self. They were too busy chiseling away at the gift of life afforded them, tearing it apart in a frenzy of abuse.

Needless to say I was surprised to see a painting on the net recording that moment of satisfaction. More surprised to see it signed by someone called Joe. I was certain he'd been Germanic.