• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 03


Tumbling, knickers in the air,
Good job she wore her best armour.
Shame she missed that last trick,
Should have seen it coming,
But her opponent is playing it dirty.

Did he know she wasn’t a he?
The fabulous silken covers,
Matching shield,
Might have given it away.
Although they all preen it up for these contests.

She’d hoped for a level playing field,
More than the flat grass
That the horses cavorted across,
But one where pure talent
Would win the day,
Not illicit manoeuvres.

Life lesson,
There is never a field
Without hidden bumps,
And sneaky tumps.
No matter how well dressed.
Do not trust your eyes,
Feel it in your gut.



She got back up,
Dusted off her sore arse,
Straightened her tunic.
Ready to ride again.
Only this time
She knew exactly where to aim that lance.

Now she was playing by their rules.