• Vol. 01
  • Chapter 09
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The driver sped away, eager to pursue rather more interesting diversions. I was consigned to the pavement, contemplating a mini sculpture scene, through a shop window.
Intrigue crept inside with me.

A sign by the table : 'Touch at your Leisure
    'Buy for your Pleasure'

The rules of the game are a mystery to me. Inconsequential. There are no opponents. No game player arrives. I gaze at the pageant before me. It is presented on a coffee tinted board dappled with light. The sculptures are held in a state of frozen alertness.
    Slowly I select the impressive black king, observing his contours and tiny grooves. My thumb caresses the polished sides. Reluctantly, he is gently replaced.
    Time slips away as each perfect specimen is inspected and admired. The die is cast- the decision made.
I turn to find the owner just behind me. Our eyes meet (an
over-used expression - though apt!)
    'For various inexplicable reasons I wish to buy the chess set, please. I have never played before.'
The Master of the Game replied with a winning smile,
    'The rules are included. Your opponent is optional!'